Hey, I’m Rebecca! I’m a wedding photographer in Auckland, New Zealand.

Photography first fired up my creativity when I discovered my parents’ film camera as a child; something about telling stories through captured moments really spoke to me.

I married my incredible husband Ben eight years ago, so I understand how

much effort, care and attention goes into planning a wedding. You have my word that I’ll put

that same level of commitment and passion into capturing your special day.

When I’m not working I love being outdoors; I grew up in the countryside, so I take any and every excuse to explore nature! The only things that are sure to tempt me back inside are a pancake brunch, the promise of a flat white, or a bottomless pot of Earl Grey tea.

My eyes light up when I talk about photography; it’s my one true passion and I love that I’m able to tell so many stories through my camera. I strive for authenticity in each and every shot I take.

If you want a catch up over a flat white, chat over some Italian food, or simply want to talk teas (wait ’til I show you my tea drawer…) then please get in touch!



  • I originally wanted to be a journalist when I left school; I have a Bachelor of Communications degree. But after slaving over a journalism paper at university, I changed my mind. I found that method of storytelling far too rigid and rules-based. Photography allows me to create authentic stories with so much more artistic freedom, and that’s why I love it.
  • Once I graduated, I worked in PR and marketing for five years. I learned a lot for sure, but I never quite fit into the corporate world; still too many rules for my liking! So I decided to quit and follow my dream of becoming an Auckland wedding photographer.
  • I’ve been married to my wonderful husband Ben for eight years; so don’t worry, I understand what it’s like to embrace the chaos and plan a wedding.
  • I’m an outdoorsy girl at heart. I love walking, hiking and exploring.
  • If we’re grabbing coffee I’m choosing a flat white every time.
  • But if we’re having tea...don’t even get me started. I’m obsessed with tea. My only request while Ben and I were building our house is that it contained a substantial tea drawer. Seriously.
  • For all my love of tea, I’m no gourmet cook! I’m good to go with a simple burger - maybe some fries if I’m feeling daring.